We always try to give our best service to all our loyal customers.

We supply our best service

The best service we supply is our property itself. It speaks for itself. It is secure and clean. It is home…

Species dinner and kitchen.

Here you can cook and enjoy your meals with your family and friends.

Species lounge and open living area

Here you can watch TV, play games and do just relaxing activities.

Parking Area

Parking is in front of the property and on your own risk. Rear parking at special arrangement.

driveway area

The driveway must be always open and no stopping inside of it. You must park as indicated.

Terms & conditions.

We must instate some rules and request to keep the standards of the property. 

  • Finance:- Payment must be made in full, upfront or on arrival. A breakage deposit will be required too. EFT or Cash.
  • Behavior: - We have to request to respect our community and to act humanely and respectful to other people as well. Not to be to loud or any loud music from the vehicles, when braaiing. To handle the alcoholic intake and behavior.
  • Guide Experience:There is an alarm, which must be activated when leaving the premises.The gate must be close on arrival and departure. Always be closed and the secure that all doors are locked. To switch off lights and TV's when not used. Prepaid electricity and water to be safe when shower. We try to keep our cost as low as possible, therefore will request to support us on this matter. Just comply to our request and you will be enjoying your stay. Thank you for the willingness and understanding our T&C's.

What You Get

You get a clean and healthy property to stay in.

  • Private Privileges: - Completely private and on your own. Only when the property gets cleaned or request to do power on situations occurred.
  • Transportation: You completely responsible for your own transportation and means to travel. Will assist on request and respectable conditions.
  • Great Facilities: We allow you to use our property on our terms and conditions. It is our support to you. Enjoy the stay.